Getting Effective Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Have you ever felt like your testimonials don’t actually tell a story of transformation? I got you. In this episode, I’m sharing the simple but effective structure for collecting client testimonials and customer reviews. Once you have the testimonial or review, I’ll tell you how you can use this in your marketing plan beyond a social post.

“Folks find it so much easier to just answer these questions and provide their review based on this. You’ve given them a structure that’s now going to work for you and your future marketing.”

– Bethany McCamish

Here’s What You Can Expect to hear in This Episode:

  • What questions to ask so you get an effective testimonial or review
  • Why transformation stories are more impactful as a testimonial structure
  • How to use testimonials in more than one place
  • How to make it easy for your customer to share their testimonial on public platforms

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