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Breaking down the unbreakable brands that have stood the test of time and those who are rising above the sea of sameness. Here, you’ll find the top strategies used by these brands and the driving forces behind their creators + founders. 

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Here’s the truth:  a business can be broken- easily. And it is more painful than stepping on a lego – for the founder and those watching. But a brand, when carefully and strategically crafted, has the potential to be unbreakable. A brand is simply a perception that can be molded and shaped – even when business is bad. It’s where all founders should start, it’s where all founders should return to when things get shaky. It is that belief and host Bethany McCamish’s 10+ years of experience in the world of visual storytelling that planted the seed for the Unbreakable Brands podcast. 

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Brandcend™ Mini Series graphic

Brandcend™ Mini series

Introduction to Brandcend™: The Why In this short mini series, Bethany McCamish introduces her signature offer, Brandcend™, your bespoke brand evolution. As she worked with many business owners to build their brand momentum, she noticed the same issues arise time and time again. In this episode, Bethany shares why she built Brandcend™ and the need

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Getting Effective Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Getting Effective Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Have you ever felt like your testimonials don’t actually tell a story of transformation? I got you. In this episode, I’m sharing the simple but effective structure for collecting client testimonials and customer reviews. Once you have the testimonial or review, I’ll tell you how you can use this in your marketing plan beyond a

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Using Human Design to Guide Your Business Operations

Using Human Design To Guide Your Business Operations

Erin Claire Jones uses Human Design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. Her work as a guide, coach, and speaker has attracted a growing community of over 250,000 people. She’s been featured in Forbes, mindbodygreen, Well&Good, and Nylon;

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3 Top Strategies for Lead Generation That Work

3 Top Strategies for Lead Generation That Work

We all know about the client referral loop – and while it’s effective and important, don’t leave your client generation to your clients. In this episode I am sharing 3 of the top strategies for lead generation you can implement in your company right away so you aren’t relying on ads for your products or

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Positioning: How to Craft Your Brand Promise Hero Photo

Positioning: How to Craft Your Brand Promise

Let’s talk about an essential part of brand positioning and that is crafting your brand promise, also known as a brand positioning statement. I walk you through exactly how you can begin to dive into this through specific reflection and journaling along with some real examples of a brand promise. If you’ve been struggling to

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A woman typing on a computer with text over the image that reads "The Importance of PR in Business: Building Lasting Visibility with Hannah Nieves"

The Importance of PR in Business: Building Lasting Visibility 

Hannah Nieves is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur, leading a revolution in the way women work and live. As the Founder of HN Haus, a community for 6 to 7-figure founders, This Hudson Studio, a creative rental studio, This Hudson Farm, a Hudson Valley-based family farm celebrating living beautifully, and her newest endeavor, The Haus

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A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop with text over the top that reads "The Importance of Systems in Business to Streamline your Operations with Ariana Rodriguez"

The Importance of Systems in Business to Streamline Your Operations

Driven by a passion for social justice and empathy, Ariana is on a mission to empower BIWOC-led (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color), mission-driven companies. Providing C-suite level support and operational foundations, Ariana aims to help businesses scale sustainably and make their mark on the world. Drawing from personal experiences, including a background in tech solutions

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A woman with a laptop in one hand and the other hand on her hip with text over top that reads "Creating a client retention strategy that works for you"

Creating a Client Retention Strategy That Works for You

In this episode, we chat about your retention strategy as a service provider and how to build out a strategy that is going to be sustainable for you and your business.  Retention offers should be sustainable and worth your time and effort. – Bethany McCamish Here’s what you can expect to hear in this episode:

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A woman walking in front of a glass storefront with text on top that reads "Tips on how to build an agency in the online space with Emma Barrera"

Tips on How to Build an Agency in the Online Space 

Today we are diving into an essential discussion on growing into an agency model and touching on social media trends with Emma Barrera (she/her).  Emma is the CEO of Right Hand Glam, The Engagement Agency. Using data-driven strategies, Right Hand Glam supports scaling service providers & coaches in organically growing your following and increasing brand

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A woman sitting on a couch with a black overlay on top that reads "Signs and Symptoms of Entrepreneurial Burnout with Lindsay Tuttle."

Signs and Symptoms of Entrepreneurial Burnout 

Today we are chatting with Lindsay about Burnout As An Entrepreneur- how to spot the signs, ways to deal with burnout and how you can build a life that doesn’t stress you out all the time.  Lindsay Tuttle is a family nurse practitioner, mind body spirit release practitioner and holistic health practitioner focused on the

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a woman sitting at her desk with a laptop with white text on top that reads "Navigating ADHD in business: building a successful business with Paulette Perhach"

Navigating ADHD in Business: Building a Successful Business  

Today we are going to be having a chat with Paulette, around navigating ADHD as a female founder.  Paulette Perhach is an author and writing coach with over 16 pieces in the  New York Times and other work published in Elle, Vice, Marie Claire, Yoga Journal, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, with some of her work

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A mug sitting on a table with white text on top that reads "The three components of a content strategy and what to do when you don't know what to post."

The Three Components of a Content Strategy

In this episode, we chat about what to do when you don’t know what to post. I go into detail about strategizing your touch points and the three components that go into them: your visibility strategy, your market research, your signature offers.  Your content problem comes from not strategizing your touch points. – Bethany McCamish

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"Bethany designed my website, did my branding, and is the only person I want to create anything when it comes to my business! The fact that she created this podcast, and is sharing her wisdom for free is amazing!! I love being able to continue to learn from her through these episodes! She is wonderful to work with, and her podcast is so good!!"
Susan P
"Bethany truly has something here that is unlike any other business podcast out there. Her expertise have given me so many ideas to improve our brand. I was surprised when I realized I had gotten through all the live episodes so quickly. If you have a business, don't miss this!
Johnny F
"...I binged the entire thing and walked away knowing how to make my brand 10x better. Every entrepreneurs needs to listen to Unbreakable Brands!"


Bethany McCamish is the expert behind experts like you. After years spent refining her design and storytelling skills as an English and graphic design teacher, curator for shows in the Pacific Northwest Arts community, and a leader in the design industry she traded in her corporate and classroom keys in 2019 for a laptop and a singular mission: To help founders and CEOs choose timeless over trendy in order to help them build long-term growth, impact, and legacy. 

Bethany Works® was born and today, she spends her time building strategic, psychology-backed brands that can’t be ignored.(what we like to call unbreakable brands). 


Bethany McCamish

If you’re wondering how, it’s her signature psychology-backed approach and the belief that forcing clients into a design box—a certain style, aesthetic, preference, or trend never works. Rather, she studies how a brand can best connect with their people and then brings out those elements through visual design.

Secondly, Bethany will never confuse strategic, intentional design with stale, stagnant design. She believes a brand can be both thought out and cutting edge, no compromises necessary.


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