Listen, self-made shouldn’t look homemade & blending is boring.

Here’s the truth a business can be broken- easily. And it is more painful than stepping on a lego – for the founder and those watching. But a brand, when carefully and strategically crafted, has the potential to be unbreakable. A brand is simply a perception that can be molded and shaped – even when business is bad.  It’s where all founders should start, it’s where all founders should return to when things get shaky. It is that belief and host Bethany McCamish’s 10+ years of experience in the world of visual storytelling that planted the seed for the Unbreakable Brands™ podcast. 

HOW TO create ONE. HOW TO cultivate ONE. HOW TO NOT F* IT UP.

To those asking ‘Isn’t it just a logo and pretty colors?’

Branding is the difference between someone investing in you or your competitors. While your brand is the actual perception people have of your company (aka what they say when you aren’t in the room), your branding – from your social media graphics to your website visuals – is THE thing that captures, holds, and resonates with your clients or customers. It is what shapes that perception they hold. And shaping a perception can quite literally change lives for the better.


Bethany McCamish is the expert behind experts like you. After years spent refining her design and storytelling skills as an English and graphic design teacher, curator for shows in the Pacific Northwest Arts community, and a leader in the design industry she traded in her corporate and classroom keys in 2019 for a laptop and a singular mission: To help founders and CEOs choose timeless over trendy in order to help them build long-term growth, impact, and legacy. 

Bethany Works® was born and today, she spends her time building strategic, psychology-backed brands that can’t be ignored.(what we like to call unbreakable brands). 


Bethany McCamish

If you’re wondering how, it’s her signature psychology-backed approach and the belief that forcing clients into a design box—a certain style, aesthetic, preference, or trend never works. Rather, she studies how a brand can best connect with their people and then brings out those elements through visual design.

Secondly, Bethany will never confuse strategic, intentional design with stale, stagnant design. She believes a brand can be both thought out and cutting edge, no compromises necessary.