In the last episode, I shared the flow that rock-solid brands follow whenever they are thinking of a rebrand or pivot. Along with this comes a very important trait, and that is patience. I know it’s not sexy, and I know we live in a world of VIP days, website in a week, and these rapid entrepreneurial services, and there’s nothing wrong with that for when you are just starting out. 

But the fact is, brands that are built for profit understand it takes time to be intentional, to find alignment and clarity especially when they are pivoting their company, and it’s so important. 

A brand or re-brand is based on a series of choices and investments, patience, security, and serious intention.

– Bethany McCamish, your host

Here’s what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • The importance of patience in rebranding.
  • Building a brand in alignment
  • Are you building a company that exists off of social media?

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Free Brand Personality Quiz

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Client Case Study: From a brand that didn’t represent her value or clientele to complete alignment and massive monetary and brand momentum 

One of my clients who’s a great example of this is Anna, the CEO of The AW Creative – she is a business mentor and runs a high-end mastermind for women who are ready to make the leap into truly being limitless. The only problem – her website and brand didn’t represent the caliber of client she was pivoting into or the value her strategic structures provided. It was “just ok,” and she resisted sending people from her DMs to her website.

Anna knew she was ready for true alignment and had a vision for where she wanted to take her business. She booked my complete custom brand strategy, branding, and website design in November. We started her branding in December and finalized this in January; then she had her brand photoshoot in February while she was getting copy done.

She was following the flow, knowing it would take months to have it all come together. Not only this, but she invested a little over $20k in her rebrand and pivot. This included her rebrand and website that I did and her photographer, videographer, and copy. 

Upon launching within two weeks, she made $40K. 

Let that sink in. She went on to quickly make even more and has only been on an upward trajectory since.  But here’s the thing. That was a rapid success because she built so much intention and so much momentum over a period of months before that happened… Right?

I think a lot of people lose sight of that and are impatient when it comes to a rebrand, a website, or a pivot. You need to be secure and patient and know that your investments – when done in order and combined with your marketing action will have a payoff- but that payoff requires patience. 

But in a world where we are constantly marketed to in that way of “I made 40k within two weeks of launching and then went on to make way more than that.” “I have a six-figure agency,” “I xyz whatever it is,” the splashy headline that has the money amount in it, is not based on one singular action.

It is based on a series of choices and investments, patience, security, and serious intention, along with great brand and marketing strategy. It’s not an overnight success. It’s not a singular VIP day transformation that led to this. It is all of those other things.

Ask yourself, what are you building? 

Are you building that company, a company outside of the Instagram world? Or are you not interested in that? Are you going to stick with these rapid-fire offers and solutions and courses and stay in that cycle? Or are you going to think beyond that?

Then also consider companies and businesses outside of Instagram, outside of the online entrepreneurial world, which is a lot of you listening. If you’re not, no worries, you’re still absolutely welcome here. Because there are lots of amazing things for you too. But I have a lot of clients coming from that world.

So that’s why I’m referencing this, right? Companies and businesses outside of Instagram are absolutely okay with waiting ten years to be profitable versus waiting a few months and expecting it to happen immediately, right? Are you looking for rapid success, or how much you could be making right now, versus the long term?

I personally care about the bigger picture, right? That’s one of the core reasons that I’m here talking about this. If this is what you care about, then stop. Please stop opting for the Jiffy Lube brand design service, stop opting to hire folks off Fiverr for $20, $500, hoping they’re going to magically know your brand, your vision, the impact you want to make, and start instead making the commitment to follow the order of operations, being patient and taking action on your own when needed.

That’s what it requires to have those splashy headlines more than one time to have them sustainably on repeat for your brand because you’re cultivating a brand, not just building an Instagram business that can be broken really easily. 


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