I am so thrilled to welcome Lindsay Rose to the show today, and we will be chatting all about using manifestation to accelerate your brand growth.

Lindsay Rose is a Manifestation Coach + Expert on Quantum Creation. Manifestation has truly changed her entire life, and she now teaches people all over the world how to create the life of their dreams. Her passion is to educate people on the truth about how manifestation works, giving them a solid foundation of quantum physics, neuroscience, and practical application of a self-developed formula for magnetic attraction. 

Welcome, Lindsay!

We are actually designing the way we want to live our lives.

– Lindsay Rose, Mindset + Manifestation Coach

Here’s what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • How Lindsay got started serving entrepreneurs
  • The Cliffs Notes version of manifestation
  • How manifestation has worked for Lindsay + her brand to accelerate success
  • Where and how to start manifestation for yourself, your business, and brand
  • Actions & energy to use in the plateau space
  • Lindsay’s advice if you have tried manifestation but felt like it ‘didn’t work’
  • How Lindsay has people start walking through a visualization
  • Getting to the breakthrough

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I would love to know how you got started in this and a bit of your back story to serving entrepreneurs.

I got into manifestation probably about seven years ago. It was one of those times in my life where I would say it was like the dark night of the soul, or whatever you want to refer to that period as like, when it just feels like everything, you’re just hitting the bottom. I’ve gone through really challenging experiences in my life starting at a really young age.

I think that I just had this spirit within me; I noticed like around probably kindergarten, I started to really connect with this spirit of just wanting to help people. I knew that it was really in me to just help others, guide them to find their joy, and be happy. But I lost track of that just because of all the things that I had experienced in my life. I feel like I just became a really cold, emotionless kind of numb in my life.

I was really trying to find a way out of the darkness that I was I was feeling. It was kind of just by the grace of the universe and delivered me to these messages of understanding like the law of attraction.

I started out with Abraham Hicks, and I started really connecting with what was happening behind the scenes, what was actually creating my life, and why I was experiencing certain patterns. And it really liberated me, it set me free. I felt like I was able to find that spirit again, and so because of what it did for my life, I just felt really cool to be able to share that with other people.

I wanted to understand it from a really holistic perspective. I wanted to know how it worked. It was very right brain left brain, I wanted to know how it worked. So I studied the science behind it. I got into quantum physics and brain chemistry and just understanding the way the mind works.

Then, emotional regulation. It’s just been such an amazing experience. I love sharing this stuff with the world. It’s like, more specifically, actually, recently, I feel like people have been gravitating towards me that want to start businesses that are, you know, changing the world and elevating consciousness.

I have so enjoyed helping them to find their voice and figure out what that vision is and what they want to birthed into the world. I think that’s the first part, really, of building a brand is having a vision. Some people find a struggle with actually connecting to what their true vision is. So that’s really exciting for me, and I think it’s a really big piece of the puzzle. 

For those new to the idea of manifestation can you give us the cliffs notes version of what it is?

In a really high-level perspective, basically, our mindset is created very early in life. So we have, you know, zero to seven, formative years, everything you’re seeing, experiencing, it’s all being absorbed into your brain, it creates kind of the blueprint for the way that you live your life. As we get older, those belief systems that we’ve adopted become what we experience, just based on the experiences that we’re having in our life, or the things that we tend to attract.

It’s all coming from those core belief systems. So when you understand the belief systems and the programs and all the things that you’ve got going on internally, you will understand why you’re experiencing certain things. So manifestation is really about understanding how your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions essentially create your reality.

And you from an energetic perspective, are the accumulation of your thoughts and your feelings. That’s the electromagnetic field that you put out. Basically, the energy that you radiate, and energy can be felt as like walking into a restaurant noticing, it’s just got a weird feeling, or meeting somebody for the first time just like, oh, it just feels off or being pulled towards somebody. And feeling that it’s, it’s energetic. It’s magnetism, right?

So whatever your dominant thoughts and feelings that you have on a day-to-day basis become what you actually create, in your reality, which you physically are able to perceive and experience in your reality.

How has manifestation worked for you and your brand to accelerate success?

I think what I realized is that my business was just an extension of me. When my energy was off, or when I was not fully aligned with something, or I wasn’t completely believing in myself, or believing in my potential, or even having a vision for my business, it just was really stagnant. I could feel myself just not seeing growth and not seeing things moving.

I think what I started to do is really work on my own energetics of who I believe that I was and the value of what I had to offer. Then really believing in yourself and shifting your identity into, I know that I’m worthy, I know that I’m valuable. I know that my brand voice is here for a reason. I know that this has been channeled through me, I trust that this is being given to me for a reason and then embracing the fears and the doubts and the things that kind of come up along the way—and being able to work through those things.

I think, in order to uplevel in your business, you have to be willing to uplevel yourself and the way that you think about yourself and the way that you think about life and people and everything around you. Like that’s a whole other level of consciousness that you have to elevate yourself to, you have to want to grow and shift yourself to that level so that that new reality can begin to shift around you. But nothing changes until you actually decide to change and take the action and move into the fears.

what does it look like for someone who is new to this? Where do they start with the daily practice To have this start working for themselves, their business, and brand?

I would say the first thing starting out would be really being able to get super clear about what you want, like step one, what is your desire. I think the easiest way to really figure out what you truly want is to look at the things that you have a really strong negative energy towards, and kind of find the polarity and figure out, alright, well, if I really don’t want to be experiencing this, what would be ideal for me if I can have anything and just wave the magic wand, snap my fingers?

What specifically would that look and feel like for me, and you want to really connect with the vision number one, and then I would say, every day, something that I practice is three things that I’m grateful for.

So I’ll just write down and start writing, the things that you are already appreciative of that you already are grateful fo. This energy is really powerful because it switches you from lack to abundance; you start to see more things to be grateful for.

Then I’ll write out three things that I’m really proud of myself for, whether it’s a small growth moment, or a big growth, or something that I’m just like, really proud of myself for or wins, and I write three of those out. And then, I’ll write five intentions. It can be short intentions, like for the day, can be intentions for the week, whatever resonates with you.

Just write out what your intentions are for yourself, the way that you want to show up, maybe the way you want to feel in your body, the way that you want to show up in your business, whatever those goals are, that you have for yourself, write them out as they’re present tense or past tense, and spend just a few minutes visualizing each of those intentions every day, and feeling in your body really feeling what it will feel like when you are in the experience of whatever that intention is feel it to completion. So this is kind of the way that we start creating our reality instead of just living by default.

We’re actually designing the way that we want to live our lives and the way that we want to show up, and intention is what drives action. So it’s like a little mini prayer that you say every day that this is going to happen for me.

This is what I’m going to experience I’m going to have this level of growth in my business. I’m going to go viral on Tik Tok. I am going to have amazing opportunities coming to me, you know, every single day I’m going to have a book deal. Whatever the thing is for you that you want, start speaking it writing it, like clarifying it, and feeling certain about the fact that it’s coming because if you can actually imagine something in your mind, it’s already done it can’t not be it’s created energy can’t be created or destroyed.

So if you’re seeing something in your mind, it’s because it exists in a potential, and you just have to start being really intentional with the way that you live your life.

what do we do in that plateau space? what actions or energy do you recommend to get things moving along again?

I think it’s really the relationship with the plateau, because it’s so easy to think that because we’re plateaued, it’s like a bad thing like this is, I shouldn’t be plateauing, I should have movement, there should be things going on.

When you’re in that space, it’s really easy for the mind, the ego mind, to be like, things should be moving, you should already be there, you should have already done it, come on, like, get on with it.

There is a time when I think that we have to stop and receive, we have to really fill up the cup, we have to make sure that we are listening to our intuition and listening to our inner guidance system and really connecting with what is that next vision, it doesn’t always come from taking action. Sometimes it comes from stillness because that’s when you can really find the clarity.

When you’re out doing things, and you’re being distracted, and you’re reading, and you’re on social media, and you’re watching that, you don’t have that openness to be able to receive that intuition. So we need the stillness. I think it’s, again, like just your belief systems about that. Maybe your relationship with it and learning to embrace it a bit more is part of the process because there is the universal law of rhythm, right? Everything ebbs, and it flows.

I think that moment, when you’re maybe feeling stuck, you realize like stuck is just a feeling. So I’m not actually stuck. This is just a belief I have that I’m stuck. It’s a belief I have that I’m something’s wrong. But nothing is wrong here. This is perfect, right? So I think embracing that and accepting it, not trying to make it bad or wrong. Using it as time for inner reflection, and just finding more of that intuitive guidance as to what what do I want next? What does that look like?

I like to just think of myself like a flower. It’s like every season, there are new seeds being planted. So we have to kind of think about it in the same way, like you’re planting new ideas, you’re coming up with new visions, while simultaneously being present with what you’ve already created. And still appreciating your grit and everything that you’re experiencing and having the gratitude, but also still planting the seeds of what that next chapter looks like, I think it’s important to remember to like where you are right now is just an accumulation of your past energy.

It’s your past thoughts. So your current experience is just giving you information. That’s why I think it’s so important to make sure you have the vision because right now is creating your future self. You know, right now, what you’re doing at this moment, you’re building the momentum towards that vision of what you want for yourself.

What would you say to someone who tried manifestation but felt like it ‘didn’t work’?

It’s kind of like an immutable law. It’s like gravity; you’re always manifesting, you’re always in every single thought, you’re manifesting, you’re creating. So if it didn’t work, it’s just a perception. And it’s not that it didn’t work. It’s just that maybe there were some energetics that had to shift for you. Maybe there are things that you’re learning, there are things that you have to go through in order to grow and get ready for that next level of self.

So if something specifically that you were trying to manifest didn’t come to fruition, there’s just still inner work for you to do. It’s not that it’s not going to happen. It’s not that it didn’t happen or you did something wrong. It’s just that there’s still more inner work to do anytime, and something isn’t working; I always say go back to yourself, check your energy, check your thoughts, like how are you feeling? What’s your general state of being every day? What are your expectations?

It just kind of goes back to you and shift your energy, and I would make that a priority. Maybe some of the things that you thought you wanted, you didn’t actually want, you know, and there could be some things within you that you’re like, I don’t really want that, or that doesn’t really feel safe for me to have that. And so there could be some other reason unconsciously that you blocked that to protect yourself. So it’s again, you just have to come back to awareness of yourself.

You want to do it on purpose because you then get to be the co-creator of your life instead of just experiencing things. You get to direct to that, like, that’s your power.

I think, especially as a creator, so much that we should be creating and designing our lives too and making that a priority. Really just thinking about, you know, what it looks like and connecting to that vision that I mean, visualization is so powerful. It’s something that we naturally did as children; we would just play in our imagination. And we lost track of that.

I think that one of the most underrated skill sets to have is visualizing your future and feeling, and energetically being able to connect to that is probably one of the strongest tools for shifting your reality.

could you give a little bit of insight about How you have people start walking through a visualization?

Just starting out, like if you can imagine, close your eyes, and you can picture like a pink zebra, you know, you’re connecting with that part of your brain that’s accessing imagery, right? So it’s a muscle that you have to strengthen. So don’t think like, if you’ve never visualized before, if this is like a brand new practice for you, then ive yourself some time, and just start to play.

Because we’ve shut down those faculties for so long that we kind of have to just go back in there and start to play with them and, and just allow ourselves to access things that we maybe have never thought of before. Just going to that place of expansion in your mind and letting it wander and just kind of play before trying to force it and make it look like something I would say give yourself the space to just kind of play with what is actually in my imagination.

Like what’s going on here? What do I see? What are the things that are really easy for me to connect to? What are the things that are more difficult? And just kind of use it, just be curious about it. That’s how I think any tool should really be looked at, regardless of what it is just have curiosity about it and see, does this resonate with me? Does this work for me?

Some people struggle with visualization that can’t actually visualize. If that doesn’t work for you, then there are other mediums you can use, like music; for instance, you can listen to sound frequencies, and maybe there are things that are more auditory for you. So you want to actually hear and know like ASMR is really popular for like sound stimulation.

If you need to feel it, go test, drive the car, go, you know, to the neighborhood that you want to live in, just figure out the way that you really are able to experience it the best, and it doesn’t have to be strictly visualization, but just, you know, expand your mind expand your senses. So you can tap into that more.

how do we get to the breakthrough?

You’re like your subconscious mind when you’re visualizing or when you’re experiencing something like that. It thinks it’s real; it can’t process, so whatever you’re visualizing in your mind, your body is experiencing it as if it’s real. That is what’s so powerful about it because you can visualize anything, like if you’re feeling lonely, close your eyes, and visualize yourself having an amazing time with a group of friends or a partner. Like just experience it in your mind.

So you can access those feelings and whatever wherever you’re feeling stuck. If you’re feeling stuck in your business, imagine yourself having a breakthrough, picture that moment, see it in your mind, feel it in your body. Sure enough, that’s usually what will help you to break through it because it’s usually just energetic anyway.

I like I talk a lot about quantum shifts. I know like, it’s big on TikTok, like quantum jumping and all this stuff. So the biggest way to make a quantum shift in your life is to make a big decision, like most people will quantum shift when they break up with a partner, move to a new city, sell their home, have a baby, like, these are big quantum shifts, but you can make those actions in your business by doing exactly what you did, and leveling up your title.

And being like, no, this is what I am like, that’s a decision that you’re making with certainty. You’re demonstrating that with your action. So you’ve embodied it. It can ship super fast, you just have to be willing to step into the energy of that and kind of override whatever your inner critic is telling you where your mind is telling you; you have to just kind of override it and be so certain about that new energy that you’re stepping into.

Image of a girl smiling in a black shirt by the beach. Next to her is text that says, "Manifestation is really about understanding how your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions essentially create your reality." - Lindsay Rose, Mindset + Manifestation Coach

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Lindsay Rose is a Manifestation Coach + Expert on Quantum Creation. Manifestation has truly changed her entire life and she now teaches people all over the world how to create the life of their dreams. Her passion is to educate people on the truth about how manifestation works giving them a solid foundation of quantum physics, neuroscience, and practical application of a self-developed formula for magnetic attraction. 

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