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Breaking down the unbreakable brands that have stood the test of time and those who are rising above the sea of sameness. Here, you’ll find the top strategies used by these brands and the driving forces behind their creators + founders. 

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Here’s the truth:  a business can be broken- easily. And it is more painful than stepping on a lego – for the founder and those watching. But a brand, when carefully and strategically crafted, has the potential to be unbreakable. A brand is simply a perception that can be molded and shaped – even when business is bad. It’s where all founders should start, it’s where all founders should return to when things get shaky. It is that belief and host Bethany McCamish’s 10+ years of experience in the world of visual storytelling that planted the seed for the Unbreakable Brands podcast. 

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Papers scattered across a table that people are working at with text over top that reads "Building your own personal brand and individualized space with Tyka Edwards"

Building Your Own Personal Brand and Individualized Space

An inspiring conversation with Emmy Nominee Tyka Pryde Edwards, who wears multiple creative hats as an Art Director and Interior Designer for major production companies including HBO Max & Netflix, plus her own journey as an Interior Designer. Tyka shares invaluable insights on building a compelling personal brand, and how she leveraged this to open

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A black and white image of the side of a brick building with a tree in front of it. On top is white text that reads "Leverage simplicity in business and in your purpose-driven brand. with Allie Casazza"

Leverage Simplicity In Business and In Your Purpose-Driven Brand

In this eye-opening episode, I chat with Allie Casazza, a #1 best-selling author and host of a chart-topping podcast, about the transformative power of simplicity. Allie shares actionable steps on how women, especially moms, can declutter their lives and brands for greater impact and fulfillment.  Allie is on a mission to help women level up

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Two women in jeans with their arms intertwined with a dark overlay over the image. On top is white text that reads "Designing Wealth: How The Karwells Broke the AirBnB Glass Ceiling Putting Guest Experience First with The KarWells".

Improving Guest Experience Through Design With The Karwells

In this episode, we sit down with The Karwells, two powerhouse women who’ve shattered the Airbnb glass ceiling by prioritizing guest experience over ROI. Tune in to learn how they’ve leveraged interior design and strategic planning to diversify income streams and build an empire in a male-dominated field. Emily and Sarah have been in the

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Monetizing Your Legal Assets: How to Legally Leverage Your Brand

I am so thrilled to welcome Lauren Morgan to the show today and talk more with her about monetizing your legal assets and how to leverage your brand. Lauren Morgan, Esq. is the founder of Activated Law, a boutique law firm providing pre-litigation legal services for small businesses. She has been recognized for her work

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Carrying Your Brand Into Space: Experiential Design That’s Data Driven

I am so thrilled to welcome Kelly Kolar to the show today and we will be talking about carrying your brand into space and experiential design that’s data driven.  Kelly Kolar is the president and founder of Kolar + Kolar Experience Institute™, an award-winning design strategy firm that specializes in insights, interiors, and experiential design.

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SEO Secrets You Need to Leverage For Your Brand

Are you interested in learning about some SEO secrets so that you can better leverage your brand? I am so thrilled to welcome Samantha Hawrylack to the podcast! We will be talking about the importance of SEO in brand building and how it’s a top contender for how you stand out and build visibility which

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Leveraging Psychology-Backed Copy for Your Unbreakable Brand

I am so thrilled to welcome Haley Slade to the show today, and we will be talking about how to leverage psychology-backed copy for your brand. Founder of Slade Copy House, Haley has climbed the ladder in her industry, writing for brands such as The Real Housewives, Lufthansa Airlines, and Dove. Her clients have been

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How to Find a Business Coach That Supports Your Brand

I am literally so pumped for this conversation today with Anna Wojtowicz, an incredible business strategist and coach. We are talking about red flags when looking for a business coach who actually supports your brand growth and the shifts in your decision-making that need to be happening while working with a business coach. Anna is

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Ways to Build Community As A Brand

I am so thrilled to have Ashleigh Henry on the show to talk about ways you can build community as a brand.  Ashleigh Henry has been in marketing, sales, and leadership positions since she was handed her first paycheck at the young age of 15. She was driving traffic in a well-known shoe store, watching

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Using Manifestation to Accelerate Your Brand Growth

I am so thrilled to welcome Lindsay Rose to the show today, and we will be chatting all about using manifestation to accelerate your brand growth. Lindsay Rose is a Manifestation Coach + Expert on Quantum Creation. Manifestation has truly changed her entire life, and she now teaches people all over the world how to

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Image of a woman smiling while pulling a piece of clothing off of a rack. On top of the image is a dark overlay and text that reads "How personal style can help build your brand's overall success with Susan Padron".

How Personal Style Can Help to Build Your Brand’s Overall Success

I am so thrilled to welcome Susan Padron to the show today and we will be chatting about how personal style can help build your overall brand success.  Susan Padron is a published author and intuitive personal stylist who works with celebrities and rising entrepreneurs to align their style and find their confidence again. She

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Creating A Life & Business That Matter to You

I am so thrilled to welcome Terri to the show so we can dive into the essential conversation of creating a business that supports your life and actually matters to you. Terri Trespicio (“Tress-PEE-shee-o) is an award-winning writer, speaker, and brand advisor, and the author of Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that

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"Bethany designed my website, did my branding, and is the only person I want to create anything when it comes to my business! The fact that she created this podcast, and is sharing her wisdom for free is amazing!! I love being able to continue to learn from her through these episodes! She is wonderful to work with, and her podcast is so good!!"
Susan P
"Bethany truly has something here that is unlike any other business podcast out there. Her expertise have given me so many ideas to improve our brand. I was surprised when I realized I had gotten through all the live episodes so quickly. If you have a business, don't miss this!
Johnny F
"...I binged the entire thing and walked away knowing how to make my brand 10x better. Every entrepreneurs needs to listen to Unbreakable Brands!"


Bethany McCamish is the expert behind experts like you. After years spent refining her design and storytelling skills as an English and graphic design teacher, curator for shows in the Pacific Northwest Arts community, and a leader in the design industry she traded in her corporate and classroom keys in 2019 for a laptop and a singular mission: To help founders and CEOs choose timeless over trendy in order to help them build long-term growth, impact, and legacy. 

Bethany Works® was born and today, she spends her time building strategic, psychology-backed brands that can’t be ignored.(what we like to call unbreakable brands). 


Bethany McCamish

If you’re wondering how, it’s her signature psychology-backed approach and the belief that forcing clients into a design box—a certain style, aesthetic, preference, or trend never works. Rather, she studies how a brand can best connect with their people and then brings out those elements through visual design.

Secondly, Bethany will never confuse strategic, intentional design with stale, stagnant design. She believes a brand can be both thought out and cutting edge, no compromises necessary.


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