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Introduction to Brandcend™: The Why

In this short mini series, Bethany McCamish introduces her signature offer, Brandcend™, your bespoke brand evolution. As she worked with many business owners to build their brand momentum, she noticed the same issues arise time and time again. In this episode, Bethany shares why she built Brandcend™ and the need she saw for a comprehensive approach to your brand.

Introduction to Brandcend™: The What and How

The short mini series on Brandcend™ continues with Bethany talking about the nitty gritty of the offer. She introduces the flow of work from legal brand name protection and comprehensive brand strategy to creative direction and launch assistance. She also shares the team she has assembled for a cohesive functioning brand.

Introduction to Brandcend™: Client Testimonials

In this episode of the Brandcend™ mini series, Bethany introduces two clients and their experiences working with her and her team, and the results they experienced.

Introduction to Brandcend™: Growth Problems are Good Problems to Have

Bethany wraps up the Brandcend™ mini series with a discussion about growth problems and how Brandcend™ can help you bring clarity and support to your business, so it can grow into the next level of your brand.

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